How to install a PCI or PCI-Express expansion card

install pci express agp expansion card

This video shows how to install an expansion card in your desktop pc.

This works for PCI or PCI-Express cards.




1- Make sure the pc is off and everything is unplugged.

2- Open the case, usually they have a side panel that can be unscrewed and removed to access the inside.

3- Identify the available slots in the motherboard, here we see an available PCI Express and a PCI.

4- In this example I’ll be installing a regular PCI network card.

5- Remove the back side cover.

6- Make sure the card is the correct orientation and that there are no cables or other elements that may be obstructing the slot.

7- Push gently and firmly until the connector is fully inserted in the expansion slot.

8- Use a screw to fix the card into its position.

And that’s it. Now you can put cover back in and plug the computer.
Depending on the type of card, the system may automatically detect and install drivers for the new card or you may be prompted to insert a disk with the drivers.

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